garden decking design

Composite decking is described by low upkeep, strength, and effortlessness of installation. We understand the substance of composite things, and we can use them to install incredible decks in your outside space.

Composite woods are created utilizing reused materials, for instance, plastics and wood fibres. One thing you need to consider composites is that they are eco-obliging and impenetrable to rot.

In the event that you need a low-uphold deck, go for the composite one. Our deck installers can design and install a story that obliges your inclinations.

There are various sorts of composite decking, and being OK with them will help you with making the right choice.

Here is an overview of such composite decking.

  • Ekodeck

Ekodeck materials look like common wood, yet they are more strong and more comfortable to maintain. Ekodeck items come in various hues and sizes. For example, the standard size for Ekodeck is 88x23mm and 137x23mm.

  • Futurewood

Futurewood materials are created utilizing reused plastics, rice husks, and timber. As opposed to ordinary wood, futurewood decks are definitely not hard to fabricate, and they require little upkeep.

  • Modwood decking

Modwood things are adaptable, and they come in different shades, sizes, and shapes. The adaptability of this thing grants you to pick an elective that meets your necessities.

At Mackay Decking Co, our deck experts know about modwood materials, and they can utilize them to fabricate porches, verandah, and pool decks.

In like manner, modwoods are created utilizing reused plastics and saw build-up, and they are open in either 137x23mm or 88x23mm..

Why our composite decking?

Coming up next are the reasons why you should consider us for your composite decking.

  • Our deck developers have capacity in the assurance and foundation of the right composite things that are as per your necessities.
  • We give first class benefits changed to meet your styles and budgetary plans.
  • We use the most eco-accommodating decking materials, for instance, wood and bamboo.
  • At Mackay Decking Co, we by and large check out clients speculations and focus on their perspectives. We recommend distinctive decking materials to them; anyway leave them to make their choices.
  • We are centred on introducing strong, sensible, and viable decks with a long haul guarantee.
  • All the more critically, we stock a wide scope of composite things for your private and business essential. Also, we production and keep up decks in the Mackay territory.

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