Pergola design

A pergola is an external structure where you can relax and take your dinners regardless of the general atmosphere conditions. At Mackay Decking Co, we develop pergolas that are within your inclinations and standards.

Our pergola specialists are capable at building a collection of pergolas. For instance, they can construct a pergola with open sides to allow the free movement of normal air. Also, if your area is windy or turbulent, our pergola engineer can fabricate a cautious wall around the structure to pad you against the opposing atmosphere.

Our pergola specialists can design install, and keep up pergolas for private and business needs. We give first rate administrations in pergola advancement and upkeep.

At Mackay Decking Co, we see how to design and consolidate a housetop into a pergola to make it appealing. Our experts are focused on building and maintaining a collection of pergola plans. For instance, they can create pergolas using diverse housetop styles, for example, pinnacle, level, and curved.

Our pergola developers realize how to do magnificent pipes while building the pergola. For instance, they would interface be able to waterway and downpipes to existing systems to deplete water into a pool or nursery.

Our pergola manufacturers can plan and build pergolas with the right features.

Our pergola builders can plan and construct pergolas with the accompanying highlights

  • Outdoor stairs

Outside advances are essential for your accommodating helpful in development. Our authoritative labourer can design and acquaint ventures concurring with your subtleties.

  • Outdoor kitchen

With their colossal experience, our pergola specialists can install a kitchen that satisfies your rules. For instance, they can build up a kitchen with limit storerooms, sink, and ice chest.

  • Outdoor lighting

Outdoors light is a central aspect that sets the perspective for your external living space. Our pergola developers realize how to intentionally place the light in the yard rooftop to improve most extraordinary lighting.


Verandah design

Verandahs improve the vibe of your home and give outside havens where you can loosen up and take meals despite the current atmosphere conditions. Mackay Decking Specialists can plan and build verandahs that fulfil your rules.

A verandah can be installed from different materials to make it remarkable and stunning. At Mackay Decking Co, we use either hardwood or softwood to create your verandah. Similarly, we paint or stain verandahs to make them brilliant and reliable.

**** We unfortunately are not taking new jobs on at the moment 15th feb 2022 due to lack of contractors